Research Projects

The goal of our consortium’s research is to generate a clear understanding of the mechanisms underlying the development of Barrett’s esophagus and EAC, and subsequently to transform this knowledge into clinical practice that will improve patient outcomes and decrease the disease burden of EAC. Our novel preclinical models serve as the foundation for testing these hypotheses, which are then brought ultimately to the clinical arena in a true translational, “bench-to-bedside” approach through biomarker and chemoprevention studies.

Our research is divided into three broad areas and involves numerous basic, translational, and clinical studies:

Project 1. Role of Microbiota and Myeloid Cells in Mouse Models of Barrett’s Esophagus

Project 2. Characterization of Microenvironmental Drivers of Neoplasia in Barrett’s Esophagus

Project 3. Application of the Microbiome and Microenvironment to Novel Non-Endoscopic Screening and Surveillance in Barrett’s Esophagus